To sing, is to become your truest self.

The voice is an honest instrument and reflects the exact state of being you are in. That’s why singing is so wonderful. It is not only the beautiful process of making music, it is also the process of gifting your true self to your audience.
This explains why a lot of singer say “when I’m on stage, I can’t hide myself behind an instrument or anything! I feel almost naked!”

It is a never ending process of growth both vocally and personally, and as challenging as it may be, it is one of the most rewarding journeys to go through.

My singing process involves colors… and I mean A LOT of colors.
It is my biggest passion to discover all the sound possibilities in the human voice, and to use these discoveries in singing and improvising where it is suitable. The more colors I find, the easier it is to express exactly what I want when I sing.

That being said, you can expect to see me performing in a Jazz concert one night and in an opera the next night!
Because of my background in both jazz/pop and classical music, I have the pleasure of enjoying being vocally creative in these genres of music, each in its own authentic style.

If you want to collaborate with me, or you would like to have singing lessons, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Yours in music,
Amy Frega